Ancient/Modern Persian Shu'ubiyya Versus Arabs

Reading ancient Persian heritage and literature, the reader discovers that the roots of Shu’ubi thought against Arabs and Islam have crept in secret since the date of Islam’s inception and during the Arab-Islamic expansion in the provinces of Persia and Khorasan. Persians did not dare to show hostility to the Arabs and Islam directly, so they attacked the religion of Islam behind the scenes and closed doors, so as to weave intrigues and conspiracies, leaving that abhorrent Shu’ubiyya to appear in the slips of the tongue, statements, poems, defamatory compositions towards the Arabs, exposing everything that is disgraceful to them and their true religion.

Whoever thinks that Shu’ubiyya has ended in history is very delusional. It just changes its color vastly and most of its actions are in disguise; it might put on the mask of patriotism or Western modernity. History, in the modern era, bears witness to Persian Shu’ubiyya and racism that launched its aggression against several Arab cities and their emirates on the coast of the Arabian Gulf in its eastern part, including ethnic cleansing and mass killing in the name of patriotism and Persians’ glorification. Such abhorrent activity was aided by terrifying betrayal and complicity of the British colonialists. During his reign, Shah Reza Pahlavi (1925-1941 AD) destroyed and displaced many Arab coastal cities and villages, causing many Arab tribes fleeing to countries corresponding thereto on the Gulf, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, escaping from Persian racism and Shu’ubiyya against them and the destruction of their ancient Arab emirates.

The hateful and abhorrent Shu’ubiyya towards the Arabs is still practicing its role up to date and continues, it even grew more intensified and further ignited with the advent of Khomeini and his ill-fated revolution at the end of the seventies. Khomeini assumed his role in rooting hatred for everything that is Arab, in terms of civilization and heritage, underestimate the position of Arabs in history and their contributions to human progress. His followers continued on his misleading path, taking him as an example in hating, despising and belittling the Arabs and their historical status. The racist Persian spirit is rooted in the spleenful Iranian regime, even if it is dressed in the holy garment of religion. It aims to achieve its objectives of expansion in the Arab region, and to create problems and tumults in neighboring countries by exporting their Persian Majusi revolution thereto.

We realized a great deal thereof in the eighties, saw them on television news, attempting to cause chaos and security imbalance in some Arab countries through their sleeper cells. It is unforgettable what they practiced of injustice and atheism during Hajj season in the holy sites, in the purest spot on earth, killing the innocent pilgrims to the Sacred House of Allah by gas in Al-Muaisem Tunnel, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, causing unrest in every season of Hajj, among other painful events.

The Persians, with their Shu’ubiyya and racism, have harnessed all their capabilities to serve their expansionist interests in the Arab region by spreading their intellectual poison and corrupt beliefs that belong only to ancient Shu’ubiyya and ancient heresy since Abbasid era. Shu’ubi Iran cooperated with the West with its extreme left to destroy the Arab nation and Islam, thus forming advanced spearheads of the West against the Arab countries.

Such acts thereby are not the least surprising, as their Safavid ancestors did the same in the seventeenth century AD and their path is being followed in using soft, malicious methods, lies and slander and even the use of military force, in order to weaken the Arabs, break their unity, and create pins and tails for them in four Arab countries that fell victims of the Persian expansion in collaboration with the extreme West.