Anwar Pasha

A Murderer with 'romantic' looks

Anwar was born in 1880 in Istanbul and joined the War College to graduate as an officer in the “Silanic” corps and then head of this corps in Tunis. He participated in the operation to depose Abdel Hamid II, to be rewarded after that with the position of “Minister of War” after the capsizing of the Sublime Porte on 23 January 1913.
Anwar Pasha has a record of criminality. His life has spread since the ministry received the scent of blood that he shed and participated in it, and was described as a tyrannical leader, who ran the country from his position near the Sultanate to the road leading to the abyss, which is also the one who reaped what it made of an environment for the production of criminals and tyrants, so she killed herself and by her sons An equation well-formulated by history to punish violators of justice and equality, and to achieve human development and reconstruction of the land.

He received a bribe to emigrate 20 thousand Jews to Palestine.

His follies, which his brutality produced by killing 20 thousand of his army due to the severity of the cold, which was not taken into account when he wanted to attack Russia from the Caucasus side, and Enver Pasha was not mentioned without racism appearing in its black face and filtering his deep-rooted hatred for the Arabs, so he saw from his position as a minister of war that the Turks were the first With the leadership of the world, and what happened (Safar Berlak) by forcing men and youth in the Arab states to join the Ottoman army in the First World War 1914 except for some of its woes, as thousands of Arabs who were mobilized by force in this war were killed and captured, and those who refused to go were executed, and many families were displaced.
Anwar was a staunch follower of Freemasonry. He says in an interview with Jamal Pasha: Do you know, Jamal, what is our true sin? After a deep regret, he said: “We became an instrument in the hands of Zionism, and the global Masons invested us.”
After the painful loss of Turkey in the war, he and his comrades fled to Germany and then to Russia, to end up murdered on August 1923 ,4 in Bukhara by an Armenian revolutionary.

His dictatorial dreams drowned him in blood.

When the First World War broke out, he was one of those who benefited from the Jewish desire to settle Palestine. During that war, 20 thousand Jews entered Palestine after bribing him.
In the period he lived after his escape, he sought to establish a Turkish empire that would include Turkestan and Afghanistan, after he concluded an agreement with the Russian Lenin, who also sought to take advantage of Anwar to eliminate the Turkestan revolution against Russia.

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