Erdogan's political ideology towards the Kurds!!

Erdogan’s political ideology toward the Kurds is based on three main pillars; Political marginalization, military oppression and accusations of terrorism. Erdogan, like all the rulers of Ankara and Istanbul before, never sees the Kurds as a nation and a component of the Turkish state, but rather sees them as human complexes destined to live in a historical coincidence within the Turkish feudalism that controls the fate of this nation Who yearns for independence and the establishment of his free Kurdish state from western Iran to the Mediterranean.

With this political orientation, Erdogan is trying to avoid any commitment resulting from the relationship with the Kurds as they are a nation with rights, dreams and independent personality, looking for autonomy at a minimum, in the relationship with Turkey and the rest of the countries that occupy parts of their historical lands

The Kurds, in their perspective, regarding their rights and their permanent claim to such right, is based on the fact that they are an authentic nation who have inhabited the areas of “Dyarbakir” their original homeland, for thousands of years, and they have the right to rule their land, use their language and coexist with their other neighbors peer to peer, not a secondary or occupied nation, while the Turkish people is new in the region and they exist for less than 900 years, after they came from Central Asia, building their Ottoman sultanate on blood-shed, oppression, killing and occupation.

Going back to Erdogan’s ideology, which is based on the Ottoman legacy in dealing with the Kurds after the seizure of their lands and wealth, and constant marginalization during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I 1514 AD, until today.

The Ottomans, the predecessors of Erdogan, targeted the Kurds, just like the rest of the nations they occupied, “Armenians, Arabs, Bulgarians and Greece”, and considered them among the gains of wars, and classified them as a lower race before the Turkish race.

In his relations with the Kurds, Erdogan relies on his huge military machine to suppress and break the will, in addition to his ability to cover-up his crimes of ethnic cleansing and enforced disappearance in Turkish villages and cities, pursing the Kurds under the name of counter-terrorism. Tens of thousands of victims and stricken abandoned villages. and a nation living under tyrannical military rule, all of which resulted from this policy.

The neo-Ottomans used all prevarication methods and political games up their sleeves, to suppress the Kurdish resistance, as well as using heavy weapons, including military planes, which carried out bombing and destruction of Kurdish villages and cities, carried out only by an occupying army.

On the other hand, and in order to ensure the breaking of the Kurdish will, the Kurds are prohibited from using their mother tongue or writing in it, and children are deprived of it, to build a new generation that does not speak or understand its mother tongue. They also prevented national anthems and fought the Kurdish heritage and gradually killing it until the Day comes for Erdogan to bury the Kurdish issue once and for all.

The Turkish media machinery uses the broad term of terrorism to distort and persecute the Kurds in all over the world, after they fled from the oppression of successive Turkish regimes. The Kurdish Workers’ Party, for example, which is one of the political organizations that fought back the Turkish oppression, yet today it has become a victim of Istanbul, and the leader of the Workers’ Party, Abdullah Ocalan, has been in Turkish prisons for nearly two decades after he was kidnapped by the Israeli Mossad for Erdogan.

There is no doubt that the Erdogan ideology has done the impossible to uproot the Kurdish struggle from its roots and obliterate its suffering, and to present the Kurds in the world as one of the Turkish races, and that what is happening in southern Anatolia of Kurdish resistance is nothing but the actions of subversive groups, but the truth is:

Kurds are one nation that cannot be dissolved or eliminated, and that their fight for their rights shall remain as long as every Kurdish living being breathes the air of  the highland of Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars, Malatya, Tunceli, Elazig, Bingol, Mush, Agri, Batman, Adi Yaman, Diyarbakir, Siirt, Bitlis, Van, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Hakkari, Şırnak, Gaziantep, Maraş, or as the poet said: (It shall remain a beacon of blood… that inspires hatred in the Kurdish generation), towards everyone who stood in their way and tried to eliminate them, especially the current Erdogan government.