Extremism of Thought and Doctrine

What the enemies of Islam, such as the heretics of the Jews and the Persians, have intrigued against the Islamic religion was with the objective of destroying this solid religion through conspiracies, after they got tired of tricks to undermine Islam through war, force, corrupt evidence and false arguments. It is an undeniable result for any person aware of all historical events.

It is through deceit and superstition that religious rules and rituals and political ideas are transmitted in ways that are contrary to their genuine purpose, falling into random, superstitious extremism. This is exactly the philosophy of the Persian religious manifestations, through which the purposes of the Islamic religion have been changed, distorted and twisted from its true goals, leading to questioning evident constancies.

The rulers of Iran have always used deception and spread myths of fable to lure limited-minded persons into following them, through arousing religious passion in any creature, so how about a person who is subject to these superstitions and provocations against Islam and its figures! Those rulers have proven that delusion is the master of the stage in terms of qualitative development of civilized concepts, with which, they believed, that all religions and their sects are compatible with them without exception, especially Islam. That is why they exclusively adhered to sectarian extremism, being the popular commodity for the naive since 1979 AD and up to date.

These strange phenomena have marked the beginning of weaving the colors of fanaticism and fragmenting the religious cohesion of the other homogeneous sects for more than one thousand four hundred years; a legacy carried by generations of them, one generation after another!

Persia set out to spread extremist cultural ideology inside and outside its lands, especially in neighboring countries, crossing over to regional countries that could be attracted to spread its poison therethrough. It expanded in different parts of the world, in line with an old and renewed map, up to the global map of the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist. This was indicated by the Iranian governmental magazine, Al-Shaheed, in its April-1981 issue, stating that such Guardianship dictates the annexation of the entire world, with its eastern and western camps, to Iran, as Iranian religious leadership believes that overthrowing the neighboring countries will be a prelude to controlling the Islamic world and a starting point for another totalitarian world.

Among the most prominent policies that have emerged disguised in the garment of culture is their dissemination of the ideology of sectarian defense of national identity and religious sanctities, including shrines to which human masses crawl to offer rituals beyond awareness and comprehension, drowning the worshipers in seas of dogmatic darkness, taking them out to a world full of forgiveness, as they believe, and working to rush towards achieving goals that hide the desire of politicians to achieve their malicious and perverted ambitions, without any ethics whatsoever.

Persian projects in the region are numerous, but they fell under common goals against the Arab world in particular and the Islamic world in general, which is a bet on a that implicitly and explicitly disperse and tear societies apart with security, intellectual and cultural chaos.

Parenthetic Statement:

From the regular forces to the extremist sectarian intellectual forces, the Iranian Basij forces were established, which are forces that form a parallel army alongside the regular forces but exceed them in terms of financial resources and influence. They consist of male and female civilian volunteers, in whom they instill their malicious and misleading ideas.