Iranian concepts

about the Arab Gulf Security

During the seventies, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi paid great attention to the ambition of protecting the Arab Gulf Security – excuse me, in their Persian Gulf conception – especially after Britain’s withdrawal in late 1971 AD, and the events were political overlaps, all parties need no tension in the region.

The Shah stated in 1972 AD during the fortieth anniversary celebrations of the Iranian Navy foundation and attempt to expand the external borders of Iran’s security, and confirmed that it goes beyond the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Gulf to reach the Indian Ocean, indicated that the Iranian Navy will increase several times over the coming years to ensure Iran’s security, Ruhullah Ramadani told in In his book “Iran’s Foreign Policy” Shah said: “Iran is not preoccupied with thinking about defending Abadan, Khosrow, Hormuz and Bandar Abbas only, but rather we are thinking about the external borders of Iran’s security, by which I do not mean just a few kilometers”!!!

During his visit to the United States of America, he stated to the American Newsweek magazine in 1973 that “Iran has been looking for the collective security in Gulf for several years, but the Arab Gulf countries have shown their unenthusiastic for the collective alliance project” highlight for history here, Pahlavi announces that the Arab Gulf countries, in relation to the Gulf, which was known in history and civilization by their name.

And when he did not find reactions, he acted alone, as he announced in the same year his theory that says: “regional responsibility.” Thus, he wants to implement the previous policy in Gulf, that he has sole sovereignty, worked to arm the Iranian army, to confirm his influence and security.

Through analyzing the political situations at that time, it appears that Pahlavi feared from diplomatic relations of the countries with Soviet Union, especially the Arab Gulf countries. For example, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Emir of Bahrain, visited Tehran in 1975 AD, and the tension seemed clear in the Iranians’ dealings, this is confirmed by the dinner party. Although it is a hospitality for an Arabic man, but the origins are ignorant and not known by many, Al-Bahlawi said to Sheikh Issa: “You are the small countries who represent the weaknesses points in the Gulf region, you, and Saudi Arabia. You are responsible for the weakness of the entire region. Also, you expose it to the threat of communism. Added to this, I have heard you are thinking about establishing diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, why do you want to do that? …I do not mind, but if you establish relations with the Soviet Union, you should at the same time establish relations with China, because only Chinese who know what is going on in the Soviet Union. Also, I would like to inform you that communism is spreading in the Arab Gulf region, some of you may say that they do not see any effect and I assure you that if you scratch any tree in the region, you will find communism fluid flowing from it.” rancor and hatred are clear in the speech.

Where is the Shah from his speech and his dictations with which he wants to lead a region that has its political weight with its Gulf Arab rulers, belittling the other, and where is communism and what has come to it?!!

Despair gripped from Shah of Iran when he announced in 1976 that Iranian-Arab contacts to establish a defensive alliance would stop because it is useless, it is Gulf politics, and the foresight of our rulers O gentlemen, what further confirms this, their view of not being reassured about the Iranian politics intentions, also history has its scenes that reinforce that forward-looking view.

Iranian policy revealed its intentions after those attempts, it did not stop as the Pahlavi claimed when he announced through a call to form what is so-called “oil wall” against foreign dangers, the strongest in show was that he exposed his military forces to security protection in the region and to protect its oil.

Due to these political developments in the region, Bahrain’s situation and rest of Gulf Arab countries towards the Iranian adherence to a strange logic towards region security to make intensive efforts to develop its military forces, furthermore, these measures had a clear impact on Gulf and Arab region security.