Settlement of the Jews and its impact on the Ottoman Empire

In his book “The Jews in the Islamic Countries”, Samuel Ettinger says that the Jewish press was one of the means that contributed to strengthening the relations of European Jews with the Jews of the East, as it transmitted the life of the Jews of the East. This later contributed to the increased immigration of Western Jews towards the Ottoman Empire. The press reports also included suggestions for ways to solve the problems they had.

All this came at the expense of the Arab Islamic countries because the Ottoman Empire brought them closer and provided them with security protection. This is evidenced by the fact that when the Jews settled after the bad conditions they were exposed to and chose the Ottoman Empire as a residence for them, they felt great transformations during the era of the Regulations and reforms, in addition to the legal transformations in Istanbul, such as the appointment of Rabbi Avraham Halevi as a leader of the Jews. An Ottoman firman was issued regulating their affairs before the issuance of laws regulating the rest of the sects, and this is an indication of their superiority.

In the same century, the Jews were granted special privileges from the Ottoman Empire, which led to the increase in the power of many of them and the increase in their influence socially, legally and culturally. The climax of the matter came when decrees were issued allowing them to repair their synagogues and all their educational and charitable institutions. This empowerment did not apply to the rest of the sects, and this reinforced the ideas of Zionism later on.

As for the law of 1865 AD, it made an important social change for the Jews and distinguished them from the Christians because it doubled the status of the rabbis in the Jewish community, thus increasing their power. Although there had been important political changes that made it important for the Ottoman Empire to interfere in the affairs of the Jewish community, the Turks did not do this. Rather, they felt that the growing role of the Jews and their autonomy was as that their plan backfired, especially after the events of 1871 AD and the interventions of the French and English Catholic consuls to protect the Jews.

The Jews were a disaster for the Arab world because of their alliance with the Ottomans and their intellectual control that led to the establishment of Zionism later. All of this comes in addition to the Dönme Jews and their heavy presence in Anatolia and their possession of a large part of politics and culture, so they did with their global support for the return of the Jews to Jerusalem, because it is, according to their claim, “the land of Zion”.