The Policy of Demonizing the Innocent

Erdogan broke the “Olive Branch” with toxic "Napalm" gas in "Afrin"

Behind Operation “Olive Branch”, launched by the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stands a small Syrian Kurdish city called Afrin, which is the key to occupying Upper Syria when the historic opportunity that the neo-Ottomans envisage comes. Since the Turks see the Kurds as the biggest obstacle on their way to occupying the Arab countries in the south, Afrin had to be labeled and removed from their way by deception, most notably, Operation “Olive Branch”, or as many like to call it the “Olive Sword” as it did not preserve the Syrian-Kurdish blood, but rather spilled it, killed it, and displaced its inhabitants.

According to a Study conducted by the Department of Scientific Studies of the German Parliament “Bundestag”, the Turkish military intervention in the Syrian region of Afrin is a violation of international law, as the study concluded that “Operation Olive Branch” lacks legitimacy based on Law 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, due to the absence of evidence on a threat to Turkey’s national security. The results of this study were revealed by the German Channel One office in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The study of the "German Parliament" proved Erdogan's violation of law in Syria.

The Study also confirmed that no news or media reports, neither Turkish nor international, proving the accusation of the Kurds launching the missiles, were found, as Turkey claims in justifying the attack on Afrin. While Turkey, in its war against the Syrian Kurds, seeks to achieve a set of goals, according to a study published by Arab thought houses.

According to the researcher Badrakhan Ali, the Turkish government, driven by an expansionist standpoint in the region, aspires to realize a loose historical conception, and security pretexts to control large areas of northern Syria and Iraq, especially the Kurdish ones, to fight the Kurdish rise inside or outside Turkey, according to their claim. Afrin region is of particular importance to Turkey, due to its adjacency to the Iskenderun Brigade, which is considered Arab according to history, which is extremely significant, and was occupied by Turkey in (1939) during the period of the French mandate over Syria, in collusion with the French authorities.

The political imagination of the Turkish regime suffers from loose ambitions, the price of which is the loss of humanity and coexistence.

The Kurdish element constitutes an absolute majority in the region, at more than 95%, according to estimates by many researchers and residents of the region. As it was called, in the Ottoman era, “Kurdagh” (Mount of the Kurds in Turkish), and this name remained until the beginning of the national era in Syria, then was replaced by the name “Jabal al-Akrad.” The region is characterized by its uneasy mountainous terrain, which has doubled the Turkish resentment about the situation of this region.

The Turkish media published a lot of material about this part and it was exaggerated based on perceptions claiming that a Kurdish state is being formed, and it will have a sea port on the Mediterranean through the Syrian coast, or through the port of Iskenderun on the Mediterranean which is occupied by the Turks, and it aspires to sell oil directly through this port.

On October 8 (2017), the Turkish President Erdogan clearly stated: “We will never allow a terrorist path to exist that begins in Afrin and extends to the Mediterranean Sea,” bearing in mind that there is a distance of about 150 km separating Afrin from the Syrian coast, in the middle of which is Idlib governorate and the northern countryside of Latakia, which is devoid of Kurdish inhabitants.

Under this mask, lie Erdogan’s swords, that are carrying out the most heinous ethnic cleansing of Syria’s Kurds, with a desire to change the geography and history in favor of Turkey’s dreams and ambitions to rush south towards the Levant, then to the rest of the Arab countries. Same as every occupier; wherever he goes, disasters, massacres and history falsification come, and since the Turks do not acknowledge the Kurds as a nation; They also do not acknowledge all of its heritage and history.

In this regard, the archaeological site “Ain Dara temple” was destroyed, which was built during the Iron Age in the Aramaic era (between 1300-700 BC), a large part of which was destroyed and severely damaged as a result of the intended Turkish aerial bombardment, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which revealed that the rate of destruction to the temple exceeded 60%.

However, the killing and intimidation exacerbated during the Turkish attack on Afrin, and the numbers came as shocking to the international community, which was forced to hold a meeting of the Security Council to discuss human values, that if the Turkish army tried to hide them, still, the funerals exposed the hidden numbers of victims resulted from the Turkish attack on Afrin. Many humanitarian organizations confirmed in separate statements that about 140 civilians and fighters were killed, including a large number of children and women.

In successive statements, massacres were described one after another as the most violent, due to the excessive use of force, the objective of which was to forcibly deport the Natives, which is also a Turkish method adopted since the era of the Ottomans, and was used in Medina, Armenia, the Levant, and Libya. Not only did the rocket shells fall on innocent people’s heads and on hospitals, but the Turkish army bombed civilians who carry no weapons, with warplanes.

The Kurds were not the only people who accused Turkey of using the internationally prohibited Napalm gas regarding the bombing on civilians in Afrin, even international organizations agreed on this accusation. The Kurds said that the Turkish army targeted the village of Arandi in Rajo district, west of the city of Afrin, with toxic gas shells, which led to injuries and burns among children and women.

The Turks used all their media methods to get out of the crisis without being accused, even though their hands were stained with blood. Same as always, they sent Syrian fighters – who work for the Turks – to lead the attack on the Kurdish towns, and they also dedicated the media platforms to accuse the Kurdish fighters defending their lands instead, as the ones who caused the Afrin issue, while in fact they were the victims!

This is one of the media war methods used by the neo-Ottomans to demonize their opponents and justify their extermination.

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