They were angry because the Prophet was from the Arabs

So, they attributed the Prophet Muhammad to the Turks

The Turks transcended all the limits of reason and logic, and tried to overturn the obvious and indisputable matters, such as the definite Arab lineage of our Prophet Muhammad. Historians of the Ottoman Empire had another opinion, which is to Turkify the Prophet’s noble lineage. They claim that the Prophet Muhammad is not an Arab, and that his noble lineage goes back to the Turks. This is considered an outrageous insult, falsification, and assault on prophethood.
The Turkish Journal of History published a research by Istanbul University professor “Ismail Hakki Izmirli” on the relationship of Turks to Islam. In it, he tried to rely on false statements and historical documents to prove that the noble lineage of our Prophet Muhammad goes back to the Turks. Izmirli tries to prove his delusions from the allegations, starting from the historical recital that says that the Prophet Muhammad is not from the original Arabs, but from the Arabized Arabs who settled in the Arabian Peninsula. He says that his great-grandfather is the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, who in turn is the son of Aber whom historians attribute to Sam, the son of the Prophet Noah.

The Turks committed an ethical and media crime that offends the honorable lineage.

In the opinion of many historians interested in genealogy, the Prophet Muhammad relates to the Prophet Abraham. The full name of the Prophet Abraham is Abraham Azar (Tarkh) Nahor Sarugh Falgh Aber Sam Noah. Aber himself is the grandfather of the original Arabs, and they are sons of Yashjub Ya’rb Qahtan Aber.
The Turks are the sons of Tark Kumr Japheth. It was said that they are from the sons of Tabrash Japheth. Kebjak, Tatar, and Khooz are considered to be of the Turkish genus. They were the ones who included the Seljuk kings, the Ghurs, the Circassians, and the Russians, all of them from the race of the Turks.

Under the pretext of the similarity of the names, they made the origin of the Prophet from the Turks in terms of soul and blood.

But it is strange that this historian returns and contradicts himself, and says that Abraham, peace be upon him, is not one of the sons of Sam, the son of the Prophet Noah. He says that the Prophet Abraham was one of the sons of Japheth, the grandfather of the Turkish element, relying on illusions that he derived from the interpretation of the similarity between the names. He claims that the father of the Prophet Abraham is not Aber but rather Tark who is close to the Turks. This is an illusion resulting from a deliberate distortion of (Tarkh) who is Abraham’s father. Aber is the great-grandfather. He also has the illusion that Azar is close to Izr, and this is also an illusion. The falsification of lineages and the reversal of the facts, made this Turkish historian claim that the Prophet Abraham had a Turkish origin, and therefore the Prophet Muhammad is considered of Turkish origin based on this false base.

They started the process of distortion from the father of the Prophet Abraham in order to reconcile with their forgery.

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