Between Khosrow’s throne.. and rebuilding their state!!

The Zionist Israelis share the same characteristics. They both dream of rebuilding their throne, which fell and disappeared thousands of years ago, even if it is a dream that breaks wars, leaves tragedies and kills millions. What a devilish dream to have!

The extinction of Persian and Hebrew civilizations is a possible thing. The Pharaohs, Romans, Greeks and other ancient nations have lost their civilization and new civilizations have emerged for those same nations or for other nations that have settled in their places. Yet, their attempt to rebuild contradicts what is historically logical.

The Persians believe that they have the right to rebuild the throne of Khosrow, which was destroyed in Babylon by the Muslim Arabs after the battle of Qadissiya. Similarly, Zionism is a movement that is based  on the idea of restoring Jewish history and Jewish lands, believing that building the unknown structure is a sacred duty, even if the entire world rejected that purpose. It genuinely expresses excessive selfishness, and internal solitude among extremists on both sides – Persian and Zionist.

The Persian project is deeply racist, highly connected to the Zoroastrian culture that shaped the Sasanian empire before its collapse, and therefore, the Iranians did not and will not forget their throne, and they did not accept for centuries the demise of their empire. They have continued to hold Islam and the Arab Muslims responsible for that demise. Culturally, two Persian anti-Arab movements emerged: the first of which promoted the so-called “age of silence” that lasted for two whole centuries from the beginning of  the first Islamic state, in which the Arabs were falsely accused of depriving the Persians of expression and imposing on them the Arab culture, and the other movement is the anti-Arab populist movement , which was founded on a racist basis and its seeds appeared in the middle of the Umayyadic era and then escalated strongly in the Abbasid period.      

Strangely enough, Iranian illusions is dedicated against that Arabs,  despite the fact that the Baloch, Afghans, Uzbeks, and Gorgesare are neighboring the Iranians. Even though they are Muslim, the Persians see the world only through the blatant hostility of Arabs’ culture, and even their religion: Islam.

The intensity of Iran’s contemporary cultural and military presence, through which Tehran tries to dominate Arab countries, pushing them into failure and fragmentation, cannot be seen in New Delhi, India, Kabul, Afghanistan,Tashkent, or Tbilisi, Georgia. They systematically and  deliberately expand into the Arab cities of Baghdad, Sana ‘a, Gaza, and Beirut.

All the political components that have emerged in Iran from Safavid to Khomeini currently are in essence ultra-nationalist movements, highly isolated from the Arabs, and from the Islamic caliphate, which is based on Sunni Islam. Persian populism not only aimed at rebuilding Iran on the basis of nationalism, but also aimed at punishing the Arabs for what their ancestors did and holding them responsible for the collapse of their Sassanian empire.

The Safavid Movement of Iran, for example, was founded on two pillars: the Shiite doctrine and Persian nationalism, with the aim of isolating Iran from the Islamic Ummah and distinguishing it from the Arab element . This differentiation made up all of Iran’s current literature and spread the resisting ideas of anti- Arabs and Anti- Muslims, while creating for themselves a new Persian Islam, which is in fact a mix of myths and Zoroastrian concepts.

The dream of the Persian Iranian state with the Persian dimension remained a dream that was passed down by extremists and Persian activists over generations. Even if such ideas were covered with sectarian Islam, but it refers to the establishment of a nation state that built its reputation on the predominance of the Persian language, and the ethnic superiority that is very similar to German Nazism in its view of the superiority of the Aryan race, to which the Iranians and Germans belong.

What a peculiar situation that the radical new Persians carry. They have joined together contradictions, claiming Islam and hating the Arabs, claiming racial superiority as the Germans claim, and wanting to restore the throne of Khosrow, as the Zionists claim to have recovered the temple of Solomon.