Esoteric Persian is the Era’s Holocaust

Secretive esotericism demonstrates Shiism and hides and conceals disbelief and dissociation from Islam. Their founder is the heretic Ibn Saba and their greatest festival is the day when Muslims are afflicted with affliction and anguish. Their doctrine and the harm they cause are linked to that of the Jews, and are even more harmful.

In his book “Studies in Philosophy”, Mahmoud Qasim deals with esotericism and its roots, saying: “As for the origin and head of that call, it was from among the Shiites. Esotericism is a phenomenon that was common among the Persian Shiite sects. … The attempt to destroy Islam from within arose by creating esoteric approaches to the interpretation of Sharia in a way that leads to its abolition and replacement with an odd mixture of wisdom that combines the myths of the Persians, paganism of the Greeks and beliefs of the Jews who had distorted their religion. Hence, they came up with a deceptive Islamic tint, such as the idea of Muhammadan Light, infallibility and miracles of imams, in addition to other ideas and beliefs, including al-Gheeba, al-Raj’a, al-Holoul, al-Tajseem, al-Ta’week and al-Tashbeeh.

It was known about those who founded and called for esoteric thought that they tended to use Shiism and take it as a means of mobilization, as mentioned by several authors who wrote about them. They were also known to form secret societies that seek to spread the doctrine of Mazdakism permissiveness, Magianism and atheism.

Secrecy was the basis of that organization, which is a cornerstone thereto, especially in the stages of recruitment and mobilization, rendering that organization in the service of purely worldly goals disguised behind a religious and doctrinal appearance, as aforementioned.

They were – and still are – wearing an appearance of reverence, piety and asceticism before the public and those who do not know about the secrets of their sins, especially in the phase of secrecy. They show gentleness of morals, worship and austerity, even lament the status Muslims have come to, in order to encourage followers to circle around them, and then they announce the call to the hidden imam, who is saved from grief and distress to a limitless abundance, only for the relief and the establishment of the Shari’a to be achieved thereby.

Al-Ismāʿīliyya, Mubarakia, Seveners (al-Ismāʿīliyya al-khāliṣa), Al-Ubeidiya, Qarmatians, Assassins, and Ta’lemiya have emerged from Esotericism, where the last has invalidated the work of minds.

Their ranks are Senior Preachers, Preachers, Comrades, Darawiyyah or Fedayeen, (اللاصقون) and the Respondents, who are the general public who support the call.

Impact of Esoteric Movements on Muslims Reality

Since these esoteric movements arose, they only seek to overthrow the Islamic caliphate at that time, returning to the glories of their Magian forefathers by declaring Shiite Imamate. At this point, the religious and political dangers are inseparable, as their religion and sect shall not be established without the establishment of their state. The Shiite esoteric movement, as stated in the Islamic Encyclopedia, is a hidden, disguised propaganda rather than being an overt resistance, which what distinguishes it from other sects. It is propaganda surrounded by a cover of hidden secrets and it adopts methods of deception and trickery.

Deviant intellectual sects are mere remnants of yesterday, renewed whenever they find suitable foci to grow. They are always with every enemy of the Muslims. At the time of Crusades events, they were their greatest helpers till they seized the Levantine coasts and without such help, the Crusades would have entered Muslim states.