Homosexuality inside the rooms of the Ottoman sultans!!

Many of the historical sources that monitored the Ottoman history reveal the stories of sex and homosexuality that were hidden inside the royal palaces. These stories have been hidden for decades and were secretly told for fear of the oppression of the bullies and defenders of the Ottoman culture. Undoubtedly, the perception that researchers discovered about the painful and shocking reality of the Ottomans is completely different from the romantic perception that was written down and mentioned in the biographies of the Ottoman sultans, especially the sultans whose biography was written with neglecting the real stories behind the walls of the palaces.

That false mental perception drawn by specialists in Turkish history about the Ottoman sultans almost reaches the level of angels, while they are demons in the clothes of angels. The truth has been deliberately hidden and falsified, but it cannot be ignored.

Perhaps the forgers did not notice that the Ottoman archive itself recorded true stories and tales about the daily life of sultans, including the details of the rule and the transformation of the Sultanate’s resources into a luxurious life, financing the haramlek, aghas and slaves, as well as writers, historians and diplomats who were contemporary with some sultans.

The most important facts that the forgers tried to destroy and change is the relationship of the sultans to sex, homosexuality, and sexual slavery practiced by the Ottoman rulers. They preserved this matter and legislated it with fatwas and firmans, which affected millions of children and young girls, who were stolen from Europe and the Arab countries. Historians have estimated that the numbers in the slave market in Istanbul, after the rule of Muhammad Al-Fatih (Fatih Sultan Mehmed), ​reached more than two and a half million, which were counted in the Ottoman records.

In one of the most important examples of unfair stratification and the seizure of power, many of the Turks who tried to raise their social status in Ottoman Turkey, did not find a way to cross towards wealth and jobs except to make their children slaves, and make their daughters concubines in the palaces of the Sultan and ​his entourage, who did What the sultans did.

Perhaps Muhammad Al-Fatih and Suleiman the Magnificent (Kanunî Sultan Süleyman) are two of the most famous sultans whose historical biographies were written with great care, and were forged in order to obtain the impression of loyalty to the Ottoman state over centuries of illusion and deception. They are considered highly valued and sacred persons in the Arab and Islamic world, so to speak. This is because of the systematic fraud that was practiced in the past decades, in addition to the fact that the new ottomans harnessed Turkish drama and employed it carefully to spread Turkish propaganda about the Sultanate and its rulers, and to show the glories, tales and legendary heroism of people who were deeply interested in pleasures and tyranny.

Their homosexual lives went against that carefully mental picture designed for them which is supported by money, propaganda, drama and soft power. Therefore, the accomplices who support the “New Ottomanism”, most of whom are Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists, Turkish nationalists, and those who are also called Turkish Arabs, who are obsessed with Turkish culture, are keen to reproduce the so-called Ottoman Caliphate. They want to achieve this by creating legendary stories about the Ottoman Empire, highlighting the stories of war and equestrianism of the sultans, and concealing the stories of colonialism that were practiced against many nations, especially the Arabs, and the injustice, tyranny and racism that the Turks practiced.

The sultans created abnormal and indescribable habits, and exploited innocent children to bring out the worst in them of homosexuality and perverted desires. All of these practices were documented in books and biographies. Stories about the abnormal customs that spread within the palaces and among the ruling classes, including the enjoyment with boys and group showers in milk baths were recorded.