In order to control them and Turkify them

They imposed teaching Arabic grammar in Turkish to the children of Arabs

When Turkish nationalism took over the sultanate, it denied everything that belonged to the Arabs. Istanbul imposed the Turkish language in its governmental transactions in the Arab world, and imposed it in education in its regions without taking into account the peculiarities of other nationalities, and without regard to the language of the Holy Quran. The matter has reached the point of imposing it on Arab citizens to communicate with their embassies, even though the two parties speak Arabic. Officials in the Arab states no longer communicate with people except through translators, in a strange incident that only expresses intolerance and racism.

Turkification of Arabic names from Muhammad to Tamerlane and Genghis.

Talaat Pasha (1921 AD) says: “There can be no equality of citizens unless we succeed in Turkifying the empire”. Jalal Nuri (1938 AD), one of the most arrogant Turkish nationalist extremists, added: “The interest eliminates the Astana government by forcing the Syrians to leave their homelands, and that the Arab countries, especially Yemen and Iraq, must be converted into Turkish colonies to spread the Turkish language, which should be the language of religion. In order to defend our Turkish nationalism, there is no objection to converting all Arab countries into Turkish countries. This is because the modern Arab young minds began to feel an ethnic nervousness, and it threatens us with major problems that we must take care of from now”.

When Nuri said with wild danger that the Turkish language should be the language of religion, he is aware of what happened in Istanbul by imposing the change of names of people throughout the country from Arabic to Turkish names, including the name of Muhammad. Names such as Tamerlane and Genghis spread outside their original environment throughout the Arab and Islamic world. They also dedicated prayers to the Turks, unlike other nationalities, in which they chant the white wolf, which is one of the ancient Turkish gods, and one of their slogans.

Jalal Nuri: The Turkish language should be the language of religion.

Istanbul government targeted Arab schools because they were the first basic environment for raising and forming young minds, through which the Turkish race and its culture can be easily and deeply rooted. They have forced Arab school students to chant hymns that honor the Turkish character, and they have worked to give the newly established schools in Arab countries Turkish names. When Suleiman Faidi wanted to establish “Tazkar Alhuriya” School in Basra in the year (1908 AD), and the request was submitted to Istanbul, the federal government decided to be under their supervision and for Faidi to be its director with a monthly salary. They called it the School of Union and Progress, inspired by the name of the association. They decided that education in the school would be in the Turkish language only, in a fanatical attack on the privacy of Arab culture and education. Expressing his pain from that incident, Suleiman Faidi wrote in his diary: “From the time I saw the new banner on my school and heard its students chanting lessons in the Turkish language, I realized that the Union and Progress Association wanted only the bad for the Arabs, and that it wanted to Turkify them and erase their Arabic identity, so I resigned from the association and turned against it”.
Among the characteristics of Turkification is the federalists’ call that it is not necessary to read the Holy Qur’an in Arabic, and that the Turks do not have to learn Arabic to read it. It has come to the point of translating the Qur’an into their language. Among the most prominent and tragic historical incidents when Obaidullah Al-Afghani spoke in the Friday sermon at the Hagia Sophia Mosque to the worshipers: “Muslim Turks, stop your weakness. Shake off this dust and erase the names of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and the Prophet’s family from your mosques. Write the names of the federal heroes instead of them, such as Talaat, Jamal, Anwar, and Jaweed, who are the righteous guardians of Allah, may Allah bless their secret”. This reveals the reality of the Ottoman Empire, which showed its racism against the Islamic religion, as if it was involved in it by mistake and is trying to get rid of it by various methods and within a deliberate strategy. However, these practices brought down the Ottoman Empire forever.

They targeted Arab schools and gave them Turkish names.

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