Kidnapped the Khalifa and Al-Khalifa

Salim the first”: he truste

the devil and killed the deceased

AlMotawakel Alah Allah

No one could have imagined that the Mongol would cause the Abbasid caliphate to fall twice, once by the Mongol Tatars led by Hulagu khan, and once by their Turkish cousins led by Salim the first, and in both times Islam was stabbed and Arabism was torn by the same knife as the primitive culture of the wilds.
In the first time, the inhabitants of Baghdad were awaken due to the march of the Mughal horses of the Central Asian Plains, on Wednesdays (656) of Safar correspondence to 14 February 1258 ( AD) on their demagogy shouts, they took away all that their hands and barbarism had to do, and then they took away the caliph, which was Almoatasembellah Abbasid, and then killed him and his family. They took Baghdad, the Islamic capital, which was one of the beautiful signs, killing its people to the death toll according to the historical sources estimated by about one million, and the destruction and pride of the sinner did not stop with this amount of poisoned blood, but set fire in the city in a high view to discover them. After they destroyed mosques and palaces, destroyed libraries by destroying their books and intellectual and scientific monument, either burned or thrown into the river, and Baghdad turned all over to the red color of the dark red, with its streets full of Arab and Muslim blood, and the water of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and it was full of books that were available. To mark this historic moment, the actual collapse of the Islamic Abbasid state after an unforgiven historical crime and never witnessed by Islamic history.
The historian Ibn al-Atheir al-Jazari described the fall of the caliphate as saying, “if he said, anyone, since the creation of God, his glory, and his Majesty, Adam, until now: The world did not get like it would have been true, but the dates did not include what it is like or what it does.”

Hulagu khan killed one million Iraqis . His grandson killed the entire Islamic caliphate.

Hulagu khan Khan continued his advance to the ALSHAM, taking Aleppo and then Damascus, then directing his hordes of foolish army to Egypt, but the Mamluk Sultan Qutuz stopped this advance by his victory in the famous battle of Ain Jalut (658 AH / 1260 AD) and thus repelled a war disaster that would eat the material and the moral in the Islamic countries, recording one The most important Islamic victories that changed the course of Islamic history and restored to it its human and civilized consideration.

Al-Jabarti: Boxes of intoxicants accompani ed the Caliph’s Soldiers


Abd Al-Rahman Al-Jabarti (1998), Ajaib Al-Athar Fi LTarajim Wa-L-Akhbar, (Dar E Kotob Egyptian Press).

Similar to the confessions of former soldiers and spies in the modern era, which they present in front of television screens and write them down in the pages of books, the well-known Egyptian historian Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti (died: 1825 G.), who witnessed the Ottoman governor in Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, conveys the testimony of some of the soldiers of the military campaign of this governor on the Arab Peninsula in 1227 AH and their acknowledgment of the moral corruption of the army’s members. Al-Jabarti says, “We need to read it more than one time because of two things: first, its traditional language, and the second—to make sure of the integrity of our senses about the lies they told that do not coincide with the characteristics of Muslims, in order to reveal the truth about the false claim of the Ottomans to the Islamic Caliphate: “…Some of their elders, among those who claim righteousness and piety, said to me: ‘How on earth will victory become our ally while most of our soldiers are not true Muslims, and among them are those who do not follow a religion and do not abide by a doctrine. No call to prayer is sounded on our land; the obligatory prayers are not being performed; and the rituals of religion have no priority in their minds. And when it is time for the prayer, the muezzins call to prayer, and they organize rows behind one imam in reverence and submission. When the time for prayer along war time, the muezzin’s call to prayer and they pray the prayer of fear. So one group proceeds on fighting and the other stays behind a while to pray. And our soldiers are shocked by the call to fight the polytheists—the shaved-beards, the wrongdoers who commit fornication and homosexuality, the drinkers of alcohol, the abandoners of the prayer, who deal in usury, the murderers of souls, who accept the committal of forbidden sins. When preparing to bury murdered Ottoman soldiers, many of them were found to be uncircumcised. When they reached Badr and seized it —the villages and the horses— where it had the best of people in both manners and knowledge. But they plundered them and kidnapped their women, daughters, and children, along with their books. They used to rape them and sell them to one another and call them disbelievers and Kharijites. It was narrated that one of the righteous men of Badr asked an Ottoman soldier to return his wife back to him, so the soldier set a condition that he would sleep with the wife that night first and then give her back to him the next day. The unarmed soldiers went out to Suez with their chief, Khazindar Bonaparte, to continue to Yanbu Governorate with Toson Pasha.


Abd Al-Rahman Al-Jabarti (1998), Ajaib Al-Athar Fi LTarajim Wa-L-Akhbar, (Dar E Kotob Egyptian Press).

Muslims did not understand the fall of the Abbasid caliphate, and felt that it would not be established after this calamity, and the extent of the destruction that befell its capital from killing its scientists, its opprescience and the descendants of Abbas behind it, destroying its civilizational components from the vocabulary of culture, thought and knowledge, and its lack of suitable means of life.
However, Qutz’s successor, the Sultan Bebars, revived the Islamic caliphate, returned the Abbasids to it, and moved it for the first time to Cairo after Baghdad became a monument after an eye and no longer has its place.
This revival and transfer was the status of the important event not only in the history of Egypt but in the history of the world because of the return of the spiritual and symbolic leader of the Islamic world.
Thus, the moral power and religious spirit of Muslims throughout the Earth and its enmages have returned, at a time when it was neither reasonable nor acceptable to them to make this position free as one of the main pillars of the Islamic political approach. The rebirth of the position of caliphate from Egypt also gave the “legitimacy” to the Kingdom of Malek, where they found their deluge and their historic document to rule the Islamic country through 17 of Abbas’s sons who came to the post of caliphate from its new headquarters in Cairo during 256 years.
Starting from their caliph al-Mustansir to their last successor, the caliph “who is Almotawakel allah allah III”, and throughout this period of Abbasid caliphate, the rule of the present-day “constitutional”.
The second time; about two and a half centuries later, the Ottoman Sultan Salim the first (the third Ottoman power) took the tour of his Mongol grandfather Hulagu khan, and went toward his political and economic evils and feeding toward the Arab countries, but this time from Istanbul. He led Gisha to Egypt, home of the Malek state, to avenge his Mongol ancestor after he turned the Ottoman attacks on Europe, and he triumphed on his way to the battle of “Marg Dabeq” near Aleppo, Syria, in the year 922AH/1516m.
He occupied Homs, Hama and Damascus, and after this invasion he declared that he was the caliph of the Muslims without equivocation, shame, or agreement from the Muslims over him as a caliph, then met the Mamluki army led by Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri in the Battle of Ridania, and the Mamluki army showed courage and courage in defending his country but the Ottoman defender, he was defeated, Egypt entered, and he and his army wreaked havoc, destruction, and murder in its capital, Cairo, as he practiced murder when he ousted his father and killed his brothers and all their sons until he was overruled by competitors; and because the nature of the crimes embarrassed the rugby thieves.
The first one kidnapped the Abbasid caliph AlMotawakel Alah Allah III and his family and sent him to Istanbul, so that the Arabs do not gather around him and are based on the Ottoman state, and in Istanbul’s bright and luxury palaces, the biggest lie known in Islamic history is the lie of the succession of the Ottomans, the non-Arab Uighurs.
He was forced to declare his concession under threat of death from succession, to turn away from his death to the Ottoman Sultan and become his title “Muslim successor”, and once the Abbasid caliph did so until he was killed by the Ottoman Sultan to be the last to assume the Islamic caliphate “legitimacy”.He was forced to declare his concession under threat of death from succession, to turn away from his death to the Ottoman Sultan and become his title “Muslim successor”, and once the Abbasid caliph did so until he was killed by the Ottoman Sultan to be the last to assume the Islamic caliphate “legitimacy”.
He did not know what his family did after him, and Salim the first did not only do that, but he stole the monuments of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him salvation) that were in the possession of the deceased Ali Allah, namely his “sword” and his honorable “apostle” without any right.
In order to move from its original Arab-Islamic homeland to a West in the Turkish countries that has not yet ended, and with the murder of the last Abbasid caliphs in 1534 – in Istanbul, the Abbasid caliphate is five centuries later fallen forever and with it the Islamic caliphate, and it has turned a visit and a cheering to the Ottomans until their end in 1924 AH.
In this way, the Islamic theorizing was the title of the stage, and the Ottoman sultans showed Islam and embraced racism, even if the time of their wars with the Arabs came to light, they invaded the simple hearts of the public with Islamic slogans, and occupied the Arab world countries by claiming unity and development even if they robbed their options and kept their money left for the triad of hunger, poverty and ignorance. It is fragile and full of its inhabitants, and free of dignified life, and when the world exposed Istanbul’s ugly face and began to hold it accountable and then to combat it in many parts, most of the Arab world was handed over to Western colonialism to ensure the safety of its people’s lives by the Berber successors.

Mamalik was more honorable than Uighur in protecting the Islamic caliphate

One thing that the true history has said and many did not realize that the Malek was honorable in protecting the Islamic caliphate, and they also did not dare to name themselves with “caliphs”.
The Abbasids made a great mistake than they thought of its consequences by bringing the Turkish to the state institutions and bringing them closer to them, who were wandering in the heart of Asia for war, conflict and theft, until they found a place presented to them in the court of the Islamic caliphate as “Servants” and “Clerks”, and found themselves before their ancestors’ love The first time they entered the Islamic land, they would not have satisfied their own cause but to assassinate everything that is Arab on their way, whether human, meaning, culture or even great value, such as the concept of “caliphate”.

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