Talaat Pasha

Turkish crime theorist

Muhammad Talaat Pasha, Minister of Interior in the coup government, was born in (Edirne) in 1874, and received his primary education there, and graduated from Al-Rashidiya Al-Askari there as well.
He is considered the architect of the politics of the Union and Progress Association, which opposed and toppled Abdul Hamid II, and he is one of the most important directors of the association. In his youth, he was a well-educated man of Turkish thought, who had revolutionary ideas, so he joined the union and promotion in which he saw compatibility with his idea of the general revolution ،, but the Turkish authorities arrested him and he was sent to Edirne prison, sentenced to three years imprisonment and dismissed from his job in 1896. He escaped from prison and was exiled to (Thessaloniki), where he held a job as a clerk in the Postal and Telegraph Administration in 1898. While working in the Postal and Telegraph Administration, he was secretly sending opposition newspapers from outside the country to (Thessaloniki) and used all methods to organize political opposition. His effort to organize the opposition party opponents in the 1903 uprising.

Has sadistic incitement to murder.

After assuming the Ministry of the Interior in 1913, Talaat Pasha became one of the most important political determinants of the state, and he became with his companions Anwar and Jamal Sultanate in the Sultanate ،, and although he was against the Ottomans entering a party in World War I, he had a central role in issuing decisions by embarking on the Armenian massacre ، and he supervised the arrest Leading Armenian intellectuals and intellectuals were executed and executed , and he continued the process of implementing orders to deport and displace Armenians from their villages, which he had issued earlier, so he was considered directly responsible for these human crimes.
And when the British defeated the Ottoman armies on both fronts in 1918 and the criminal file of Talaat Pasha grew, and corruption and human violations began to pursue him, he felt threatened, and he resigned and fled with Anwar Pasha and Jamal Pasha to Berlin ،. the new issued a decision to confiscate the remaining money Talaat Pasha and his companions in the country, and after the formation of the government Farid Pasha established the Office of a new war for the trial of elders of the Assembly of the Union and Progress and issued a decision to remove arranged and medals Alpashoah Talaat Pasha, and was sentenced to death in absentia.

Bektashi perversion contributed to refining his criminal talent.

Due to the massacres he committed against the Armenians, his criminal acts continued to haunt him in his exile, and Talaat Pasha was killed in Berlin in 1921 in front of his house by the Armenian activist (Sogomon Thalilian). Slain.

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