"The Persians’ old- ever- modern strategy is to hit Arabs with Arabs."

Whoever traces the history of Arab-Persian relations confirms a fact that is available throughout various historical periods, as corroborated by the evidence of history and its events, namely, that these relations were characterized by the abhorrent spirit of hostility and Persian racism towards the Arabs, expansionism at the expense of their lands and their countries, and a keen desire that amounts to an obsession to control them, humiliate them and diminish their humanitarian status and role. The manifestations of the armed military aggression were the constant behavior of the Persians towards the Arabs, and it is still the same. They were waging their aggression whenever they found the ability to do so militarily. The Sasani King Ardashir binBabak (226-241 AD) saw in his era that the best way to secure his borders from the Arabs is using the Arabs themselves. He allowed the tribes in the Levant to establish an emirate that protects them from the Bedouin invasions and separates them from the Romans. The emirate of Al-Hira, a city 3 miles from Kufa, remained  under the control of Persian influence for 400 full years, until it was opened by Khalid bin Al-Walid (633 M-12 AH).

From our reading of that historical scene, we find that the events recur in it from time to time. For example, in the eighteenth century AD, the Persians, when invading Iraq in the Mamluk era, used some of the border tribal forces from Arabs and others to strike the government in Iraq and invade it at the time. Rather, those sick and psychologically defeated forces fought in the front side of the Iranian army for money, sacrificing the best of their soldiers in the invading army, according to the Iraqi historian “Karkukli” in his book, the Doha of Ministers, by saying: “Those tribes played the role of guides and spies, and fought in front side of the Iranian army.”

Whoever examines the history of Arab relations with the Persians will find many examples of the spirit of deep-rooted hostility against Arabs, and that the Persian strategy in fighting Arabs with Arabs has continued and succeeded many times. The traitors of the homelands are usually the spies that point out the places of weakness in their country, and they are present at all times and places. In the 1980s, after the mullahs came to power in Iran under the leadership of “Khomeini” and the intensification of hostility towards the Arabs, he succeeded in fuelling the spirit of racism for the Persians and exploited that spirit in order to achieve his goals and ambitions by interfering in the affairs of a number of Arab countries, and perhaps the first contact with Iran is the latest case of tension in the Iranian-Iraqi relations after the famous incident of al-Mustansariyah in 1980, when an Iranian student belonging to the Da ‘wah Party threw a bomb in the middle of al-Mustansiriyah University Square in Baghdad, and to start after the series of tensions to reach the Iraqi-Iranian war, which exhausted the military and financial capabilities of Iraq and the Arabs. One of the results was that Iran was able to plant the seeds of spies and traitors of the homelands early in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran, spreading discord in Arab societies, and came out in public wearing the dress of purity and forgiveness, while in fact they are far from it; they are closer to being deceived, and sometimes they were called clerics and intellectuals, sometimes religious groups, and others political or religious parties those traitors really helped to make the Persian agenda work in the Arab region and facilitated its penetration, they are like a Trojan horse. Its appearance is beautiful, and it is a wonderful gift; but in reality it is poisonous, so the means of penetration and the loss of homelands were provided and delivered to Iran on the fragments of the sons of Arabism and Islam and by a clear and unambiguous Western malignancy, otherwise  how could Iran, within four decades, penetrate into powerful Arab countries that collapsed and handed over their rhetoric, capabilities and political, economic and cultural ability to Persian calf?!!