"The stereotype of Arabs in Persian culture"

Whoever examines in depth what Iranians are writing in both published and digital press, or saying in television programs, religious speeches, or whatever  their thinkers say shall fully realize the stereotypes of the Arabs in the Persian culture, that promotes hating the Arabs. For example, when one of them says about how Iranians perceive the Arabs: “I think that many Iranians hate Arabs, and there is no difference between the religious and the non-religious in this aspect.” This is a clear witness of the Iranian racism, which – apparently – has affected all the predators of the peoples residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran, except for a small number of them. We know that Iran is composed of different races and races, but that stereotype prevailed, either because of fear of the Iranian authorities, or because of believing it.     

Here, an important question comes to mind, why all this hatred for Arabs by the Persians? Why would they do that? Was it because their origin was related to the Aryan race? And their pride of it?  Persians see themselves as distinctive because they are affiliated with the Aryan race, and the name of Iran is derived from the word “Aryan.” Hence, the Persians perceive themselves to be superior to others, especially the Arabs, their history, and their Arab-Islamic civilization. They consider the Arabs as savage, backward, and bloodthirsty. Did the Persians feel insecure about the great level the Arab civilization reached? It is known that when the Persians settled on the Iranian plateau, they found in Iraq the remnants of a human civilization and human creativity since ancient  times, while they were unable throughout their history to make a similar civilizational contribution. All they did was to transfer the production of Mesopotamia to Persia, so they took their position as recipients of civilization and not as creators. For example, the “Zoroastrian” religion was not Persian in origin, but they took it from the “Medes” civilization, and they found nothing to write their words in except the cuneiform writing that belongs to the Mesopotamian, and Arab Aramaic civilizations.       

Islam, which the Arabs are honored to bear its message and convey it to all the worlds,  came with a noble, peaceful message. Rabi bin Amer al-Tamimi’s reaction, when addressing the Persian leader, Rustom, should be respected. This is because he said to Rustom: “We are sent to stop you from worshiping people instead of the creator of the people, and to replace the religions promoting injustice with Islam that promotes peace and justice, and to have you perceive the world differently. Thus, whoever converts to Islam should be considered one of us, and whoever wishes to stick to their old religion, shall pay the taxes. And if they refused to pay, we shall fight them till we win.” 

This great position is a shattering of the Persian beliefs and ideas. Yet,  the following collapse of the Sassanian Empire under the strikes of the Islamic State was an additional fact to make them hate the Arabs. After mocking the Arabs and their tribes and belittling them for their ignorance, the Persians themselves became part of the Arab civilization, and they melted into the components of the Arab Islamic State, even if they still dream of restoring the ancient glories of Sassan.

ThePersians believe that the Arabs are the ones who undermined their Persian civilization “Zoroastrianism”, and spread Islam at the expense of their Zoroastrianism. Moreover, some of the Persians, who hate Islam, consider Islam, the religion that calls for persecution, and link their backwardness and distortion of their Persian language and history to the Arabs and Islam.Therefore, there are calls from some Persian thinkers to remove the Arabic words from their Persian language, and they call for a return to the ancient Aryan culture. These are some of the stereotypes that the Iranian people believe about the Arabs. To sum up, this is the hatred that the Persians have for the Arabs, and the different means they projected this hatred.