The Three Thugs

They slaughtered "humanity"

with ministerial "portfolio"

The country’s tyrannical leaders and mighty rulers are the most offensive to the country, where humanity is marginalized in the face of their dictatorship, the oppressor prevails, and the environment turns into a bloody one that is closer to an ideal incubator for the corrupt, criminals and tyrants, with the political and social conditions it provides favorable to the “criminal” industry, and this can be demonstrated in the early twentieth century AD in the Arab region The Turks and Arabs at that historical stage were on a date with a time period that can be described as the cruelest and fiercest, so with the emergence of (the three thugs) the ferule of authoritarianism and tyranny was completed and deepened.

Germany threw them on the "wayside" of the Armenians.

Some historians and specialized researchers called Anwar Pasha and Jamal Pasha, Talaat Pasha (the three thugs) through their crimes, after assuming the portfolios of the three most important sovereign ministries, they came to the state from the door of the Turkish Union and Progress Association, and each of them contributed to the inclusion of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War Through their ministerial positions in the state as leaders of Ottoman politics and militarism that ended with their defeat and the German ally and their acceptance of the terms of the victors, but despite the critical state of their homeland during the war, they exploited the confusion in the state, weakness and political weakness in their favor in theft, murder, starvation, and strengthening the Turkification movement.
Talaat Pasha got the position of Minister of the Interior, and Anwar Pasha got the position of Minister of War, and Jamal Pasha won the portfolio of the Ministry of the Navy, after the federation revolution, and before the end of the war, they had practiced the most heinous massacres, genocides and deliberate killing of Arab citizens and others, and the most prominent of these massacres that are still Its resonance persists to this day, the Armenian massacre, which killed nearly 1.5 million people, in addition to hundreds of thousands of Assyrian and Greek residents.

Interior .. War .. Navy: "Bloodthirstinse" with distinction

After the end of the First World War, the three fled to Germany, were tried in absentia, and charged with involving Turkey in the First World War and committing human massacres and atrocities against some peoples of Istanbul, such as Greeks and Armenians, to be sentenced to death in absentia in 1919.