They demolished and stole the historical contents

Salim and then Erdogan

The theft of Arab antiquities Story

The current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan practices the policy of Ottoman history, and plays the role that was practiced by the Ottomans and their sultans who practiced plundering everything that falls in their way of the holdings of the Islamic religion and its legacy of knowledge and the acquisition of Islamic holdings that pass in the way of their mercenary army that any country can lease in the name of Islam falsely, or on the level of mercenary warfare groups in the world in general.

Taking possession of Islamic holdings in the name of Islam is a crime.

Salim I began theft with his conquest of the Arab world, when he stole the Arab heritage and its antiquities from everywhere, even the Two Holy Mosques, in addition to what he stole from the Levant and Egypt, where he did not only steal the heritage but also the workforce, as he was not satisfied with the possessions only.
Today, Erdogan is practicing the theft of Arab heritage and its antiquities through his army, which entered Syria under the pretext of fighting the Turkish revolutionaries, and then left behind him an unforgivable cultural and archaeological crime when his tanks bulldozed the most important archaeological hill in Gre Spi. According to the archaeological missions, it dates back to the third millennium BC, as if he killed thousands of ideas and people who continued to live or care about this historical hill that dates back to the Arabs and not to Turkish.

Thousands of ideas and people were killed by destroying their antiquities and possessions.

Two modern stories connect the Turkish present with its polluted past, and link the current Turkish President Erdogan’s hands, contaminated with Islamic blood, with the hands of his Ottoman predecessors. In youm7 newspaper issue published on August 19, 2018 AD, news stated: The “Elijah the Prophet – Elias” synagogue in the Damascus neighborhood of Jobar was robbed. It is the oldest synagogue for Jews in the world. A rare manuscript was stolen from inside by members of “Fyalaq Al-Rahman” group. When the thieves were arrested by the Turkish authorities, they confiscated the looted items and transferred them to Istanbul museums. In a similar incident, the events took place in the northwestern Turkish state of Beycik, where four Syrians and a Turkish person were arrested in possession of two old copies of the Torah dating back to before Christ. These two copies are engraved on deer skin, embroidered with gold, emeralds and rubies, and they were kept by the Turkish government, as if these stolen items belong to the Turkish heritage. They could have been handed over to UNESCO for repatriation to their country of origin, Syria. If Turkey had been sincere in hiring its army to serve the truth and support Muslims, it would not have done so, as its rusty trumpets claim, led by the President of Turkey and his semi-intellectuals, academics and journalists.

Everything that fell under their control in Syria was confiscated and transferred to Istanbul museums.

The Turks and the Ottomans have stolen heritage and its antiquities. They created museums to market for Turkish tourism with injustice and aggression, using Arab heritage and its collections. The words of the Yemeni poet Abdullah Al-Bardouni apply to them:

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