To dismantle ethnic structures and strike national sovereignty

Hostility to Arabs is the basis of the Western-Persian Alliance

Throughout history, Persians have always been a party to the campaign of hostile targets against the Arabs. Relying on history, we always find that the Persians did not confront the Arabs directly, except in rare cases, which is a fact that can be proven through the first and second campaigns of Shapur, as well as by referring to the story of the Barmakids with Harun al-Rashid, in addition to the conspiracies of Ibn Al-Alqami against the Abbasid state favor of the Tatars, leading to the complicity of the Persians with the West to occupy the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate in modern and contemporary history, in order to arrange a new political map.

Persians have always been at the center of conspiracies against Arab states, which prompts us to search to find out the background, goals and means of this alliance, thus to absorb the historical lesson that imposes the reunification of the Arab front, according to determinants that cross with history and consider the future of peoples that do not bear the burden and mistakes of those who preceded or ruled those states.

Overthrow of the Sasanian Empire at the hands of the Rightly Guided Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, and the liberation of Palestine from the hands of the Christians, formed the basis for an objective alliance between the Persians and the West, with the aim of subjugating the Arabs and dismantling their entities under religious, linguistic or ethnic determinants. According to this approach, Iran presented itself to the West as the existential opposite of the Arabs. Therefore, “whenever Iran’s star rises, it will be at the expense of the Arab and Islamic world, where its star shall only rise by allying with the Crusaders against the Muslims”.

In this context, whoever thinks that there is an explicit hostility by the West towards Iran is wrong, and whoever says that America wants to clip the mullahs’ wings is also wrong. Perhaps referring to the references directed to American foreign policy and its strategy in the region makes it clear that Washington classifies Iran in the category of “geopolitical axes”. Sabigno Yerginsky even goes further when he insists on the need to protect the Iranian regime from falling, given the nature of the hybrid ethnic structure, as well as the existence of objective prerequisites that may hasten the fall of mullahs’ regime.

A quick reading of the Arab scene, especially on the Iraqi and Syrian arenas, makes it clear that the eradication of Arabs’ strength remains the primary concern of the West and the East (in their ideological meaning). Perhaps the Arab observer may not understand how Russia contributed to the empowerment of Iran in Syria, while America has undertaken the empowerment of Iran in Iraq, despite the claim that the interests of Moscow and Washington are on opposite sides… Have we begun to sense the dimensions of this malicious plot? Did everyone understand how the Persians and the capitalist and socialist camp agree on one and only point, namely: subduing the Arabs using the Iranian knife?

Persians are always in conspiracy against the Arab world.

Accelerating events in both Iraq and Syria have indicated that arrangements are being made in the dark, away from media lights and journalistic pens, in order to rearrange the situation and divide the Arab world, which is more qualified than others to reject the agendas of fragmentation and balkanization. The Western world will not forget that the Arab component is the ethnic incubator of the Islamic religion that was revealed between them and with their language, rendering them owners of the most powerful weapons.

The writings of the Prussian theorist Carl von Clausewitz make us discover the center of gravity of the Persian-American-Russian alliance, which lies in the supreme political goal that brings together and regulates the relationship between all three parties, pushing them towards an objective alliance, even at a single level.

It can be said that this malicious alliance is boldening its strategy through three main entrances or theories:

First Theory: Theory of dismantling demographic structures that is deemed the most dangerous. It has two methods: the first method is killing the population and destroying their homes over their heads and the second method is forced displacement.

Second Theory: Theory of dismantling sovereign states, by dividing them into ethnic and sectarian states, according to Herzl’s theory that he called for at the end of the nineteenth century, some of which achievements we witness today with the establishment of states of an ethnic nature.

Third Theory: Theory of eliminating vital facilities in the sovereign state.

These three theories are adopted by the supporters of both projects and they are being implemented today.

The emergence of strong Arab state that have a decisive influence in shaping the international political decision requires them to push towards unifying visions and adopting a collective approach, the aim of which is to defend the Arab presence, as a minimum goal. Why not if the direction is towards a strong Arab space that transcends marginal differences to establish true independence and realistic sovereignty on the Arab political decision?!

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